Internship - Space Electronics System Engineer

Maybe, because history is now and together with you we can change its course. Czech flag on the Moon and our products and services on every continent. This is our vision for 2030. The company was founded with the sole purpose to bring together the best experts, engineers and scientists to the Czech Republic and to work on great things.

Or, because we aim to be a global company which as a system integrator delivers complete missions. We also have our own products which we sell worldwide. And our mission is to make the Czech Republic one of the prime countries within the space industry. We connect industry, academia and science centres not only from CZ but also from other countries in central and eastern Europe. We are stronger together. We partnered for one common goal: to collect geological data and uncover the unknown about the Moon surface and subsurface. Results of such a joint work will land on the Moon together with the Czech flag. The flag is a symbol representing the fact that countries form central and eastern Europe can do great missions and be part of the space first league.


We’re a Czech company that supplies satellites and space probes. We design, produce, and assemble them precisely according to the demands of our customers from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central and Southern America. We work on two EO satellites and one Moon probe. We have in development a smart hyperspectral camera, Lidar technology, and a microgravity space laboratory. We know how to use state of the art technologies such as additive manufacturing and we integrate these technologies into our products. And that is just a small example of what we do!

YOU ARE INTERESTED IN: “What are you working
on right now?”

Together with a colleague, you'll support various electronic projects, including:
   Harness design,
   Testing and troubleshooting subsystems in the laboratory,
   Identifying risks in system integration including data interfaces and power,
   Collaboration in EMC tests,
   Designing tools;
You'll see the first results of your work in October when your result will be in space;
You can collaborate in performing Trade Studies and selection of COTS electronic solutions;
You can participate in firmware verification on target;
You support the validation activities for electronic solutions;
You support the development, qualification, and delivery of the assigned space system/subsystem.

YOU WANT TO KNOW:“What would your job
look like?”

Preferably a student in the fourth year of Electrical Engineering, but we're happy to talk with you if you're in the third year or fifth year;
Ability to read electrical schematics;
Ability to create basic circuits;
Ability to work in a laboratory and use equipment such as a multimeter or oscilloscope (equipment like spectrum or logic analyzer is a plus);
Ability to prepare technical documentation and reports;
Communicative English (at least at the level of reading and writing technical documentation);
Passion for Space;
Ability to work independently but also to ask for support when needed.

Nice to have:
Experience with RF (antennas, RF components, …);
Understanding of EMC;
Understanding of the embedded domain (MCU, FPGA, buses, protocols);
Knowledge in the field of Space, Aerospace, or Automotive;
Experience with personal hobby projects in the field of RF, electronics or embedded.

“What do we
expect from you?

Fairness, transparency, responsibility, freedom and full trust;
Group of people how dare to take risks, are humble, playful, and are not afraid of experiments;
Experienced colleagues from whom you can learn every day;
Bar with draft beer, tasty coffee, homemade cookies, and BBQ;
Projects which are beyond belief and customers from Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

We can certainly brainstorm a topic for a bachelor's or master's thesis :-)

“What you can
expect from us?”

Take a deep breath and drop us an email. You can attach your CV, send a link to your LinkedIn or just write a few words about yourself - whatever you like. You will hear from Jana soon, and we will be looking forward to seeing you at a potential interview.

“What should
I do now?”